Festive Dojo Closures

Training will take a break over the Festive period as follows :-

Class Last Training Session Training Resumes
Perth (Thursday) Thursday 19th December 2019 Thursday 9th January 2020
Luncarty (Sunday) Sunday 22nd December 2019 Sunday 12th January 2020
Crieff (Monday) Monday 16th December 2019 Monday 6th January 2020

Senpai Stephen 1st Dan : October

Congratulations to Senpai Stephen who has passed his 1st Dan (Shodan). We now have 6 regularly training black belts in the club.

Shihan Martin 7th Dan : October

Congratulations to Shihan Martin on his promotion to 7th Dan (Nanadan). Kancho Peter Chong was going to personally award this to Shihan at a course in the USA but this trip was unfortunately cancelled.

Course & Grading : October

The first official grading and course as Kyokushinryu took place on Sunday 20th October in the Luncarty Community Hall. The event was attended by 14 people. 8 students sat the grading.

Iain Abernethy Bunkai Course : September

On Sunday 22nd September Senpai Brian attended a kata and bunkai course hosted by Iain Abernethy from the British Combat Karate Association. The course covered Sochin kata. Although it is not in our syllabus, many of the techniques are in our katas. It was great to have an afternoon working with other karate styles and learning and applying bunkai.

Camp Geordie : August

Shihan, Senpai Claudio and Milosz from the Scottish clubs attended Camp Geordie on 23rd August.

Dundee Seminar : August

On 17th August,Shihan Martin was a guest of honour at a K1 and Kyoukushin seminar in Dundee with Kancho Flemming Jinzen.

Sensei Belle 4th Dan : July

Congratulations to Sensei Belle on her promotion to 4th Dan (Yondan). Sensei got her 3rd Dan (Sandan) back in 2004.

Club Badges : June

New club badges are available to buy for your gi from Shihan. They cost 6 each.

New Perth Dojo Location : June

In August the Perth Dojo will relocate to a new Dojo in Scott Street in Perth. It will be paid for by Direct Debits from students who have volunteered to pay this way which means those students are just paying their fees up front each month. No more remembering to bring money to traininging for the students and it makes the administration for Shihan and Sensei easier. Simpler all round. Watch this space over the summer for news of class times. It looks like it will be a great location.

IKA Passbook Now Available : May

The IKA Passbook is now available and can be downloaded from the LINKS page of this website. It contains lots of information including the techniques and katas a student must know in order to be considered able to sit each grade test.

Shihan Branch Chief Certificate : May

Shihan has recieved his IKA Branch Chief for Scotland certificate from Kancho. Another great achievement.

New Crieff Classes : May

Classes will start again in Crieff on Wednesday the 5th June. They will take place in Morrison's Academy from 18:30. 5 year old and under for 45 minutes. 6 to 12 year old for an hour. 13 and above including seniors for 90 minutes.

Senpai Gillian Presentation : March

Senpai Gillian was presented her Celtic Warrior Shield, which she won at at the Celtic Challenge Camp at Cultybraggen in February, from Shihan at training in Goodlyburn Primary.

Goodlyburn Classes : March

Classes will return to Goodlyburn Primary School on Thursday 7th March. Juniors for 1 hour from 18:00. Seniors will train until 20:00.

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Last updated 13/12/2019