The Calligraphy

The calligraphy is a symbol of Kyokushinkai. This symbol is worn universally on the front left of the gi jacket. It is made from the three Japanese characters :-
Kyoku meaning "Ultimate".
Shin meaning "Truth" or "Reality".
Kai meaning "Association" or "To join".

The Kanku

The symbol of Kyokushin Karate is the Kanku, which is derived from Kanku Kata, the Sky Gazing Form. In this kata, the hands are raised and the fingers meet to form an opening through which the sky is viewed. The top and bottom points of the Kanku represent the first fingers of each hand touching at the top and the thumbs touching at the bottom, symbolizing the peaks or ultimate points. The thick sections at the sides represent the wrists, symbolizing power. The center circle represents the opening between the hands through which the sky is viewed, symbolizing infinite depth. The whole Kanku is enclosed by a circle, symbolizing continuity and circular action.

The Meaning Of "OSU"

The word OSU in it's basic translation means to push, to endure, therefore the implication is that one will push oneself to the limit of one's ability. It is also a word that expresses a greeting and that replaces words and phrases such as "yes", "I will" and "Excuse me".

The Kiai

The kiai in it's basic form is a shout which is used to emphasise and develop courage, character, power, endurance and breath control. In karate training students learn that the kiai is a meams of developing endurance and spirit whilst performing kihon, kata and kumite.

Tsuki Punch (thrust)
Uchi Strike
Uke Block
Geri Kick
Ashi Foot or Leg
Chusoku Ball (middle) of the Foot
Haisho Backhand
Haisoku Instep of the Foot
Haito Inner Knife Hand
Hiji Elbow
Hiraken Flat Fist
Hiza Knee
Kakato Heel
Keiko Chicken Beak
Koken Wrist Top
Kote Forearm
Nakayubi Ippon Ken Middle Finger Knuckle Fist
Nukite Spear Hand
Oyayubi Ippon Ken Thumb Knuckle Fist
Ryutoken Dragon's Head Fist
Seiken Forefist (correct fist)
Shotei Palm Heel
Shuto Knife Hand
Sokuto Outside (knife) Edge of the Foot
Sune Shin
Te Hand
Teisoku Arch of the Foot
Tetsui Hammer Fist
Toho Sword Hand
Uraken Backfist
Age Rising
Ago Chin or Jaw
Atama Head
Chudan Middle Level
Ganmen Face
Gedan Lower Level
Hana Nose
Hara Abdomen
Hidari Left
Hizo Spleen
Jodan Upper Level
Johanshin Upper Body
Kahanshin Lower Body
Kake Hooked
Kansetsu Joint (of limb)
Kata Shoulder
Kintama (Kin) Groin, Testicles (gold jewels)
Komekami Temple
Kubi Neck
Kuchi Mouth
Mae Front, Forward
Mawashi Round, Circular
Me Eye(s)
Migi Right
Mimi Ear(s)
Mizo-ochi Solar Plexus
Momo Thigh
Mune Chest
Naname Diagonal
Nodo Throat
Oroshi Descending
Rokkotsu Rib(s)
Sakotsu Collarbone
Sayu Left and Right
Soto Outside
Tobi Jumping
Uchi Inside
Ude Arm
Ura Reverse, Backwards
Ushiro Back (direction)
Yoko Side (direction)
Yoi Dachi Ready Stance
Fudo Dachi Immobile Stance
Zenkutsu Dachi Forward Leaning Stance
Uchi Hachiji Dachi Inside Character "8" Stance
Sanchin Dachi Three Point Stance
Kokutsu Dachi Back Leaning Stance
Musubi Dachi Open Foot (connected) Stance
Kiba Dachi Horseback Stance
Neko Ashi Dachi Cat Stance
Tsuru Ashi Dachi Crane Stance
Moro Ashi Dachi One Foot Forward (two-foot) Stance
Heisoku Dachi Closed Foot Stance
Heiko Dachi Parallel Stance
Yonjugodo Kiba Dachi Forty-Five Degree Horseback Stance
Kake Dachi Hooked Stance
Soto Hachiji Dachi Outside Character "8" Stance
Shiko Dachi Sumo Stance
Kumite Dachi Fighting Stance
Han Mi Half Body Stance
Migi Ashi Mae Right Foot Forward
Hidari Ashi Mae Left Foot Forward
Seiken Fore fist
Oi Tsuki Lunge Punch
Morote Tsuki Two-Handed Punch
Gyaku Tsuki Reverse Punch
Tate Tsuki Vertical Punch
Jun Tsuki Side (corresponding) Punch
Shita Tsuki Lower Punch
Seiken Fore fist
Ago Uchi Chin / Jaw Strike
Furi Ichi Hook Strike
Tetsui Hammer Fist
Oroshi Ganmen Uchi Descending Face Strike
Komekami Uchi Temple Strike
Hizo Uchi Spleen Strike
Mae Yoko Uchi Forward Side Strike
Yoko Uchi Side Strike
Uraken – Back fist
Ganmen Uchi Face Strike
Sayu Uchi Left and Right Strike
Hizo Uchi Spleen Strike
Oroshi Ganmen    Uchi Descending Face Strike
Mawashi Uchi Roundhouse Strike
Nihon Nukite Two-Fingered Spear Hand
Yonhon Nukite Four-Fingered Spear Hand
Shotei Uchi Palm Heel Strike
Shuto – Knife Hand
Sakotsu Uchi Collarbone Strike
Yoko Ganmen Uchi Side Face Strike
Sakotsu Uchikomi Collarbone Driving Strike
Hizo Uchi Spleen Strike
Uchi Uchi inside Strike
Hiji Ate Elbow Strike
Mae Hiji Ate Forward Elbow Strike
Age Hiji Ate Rising Elbow Strike
Ushiro Hiji Ate Backwards Elbow Strike
Oroshi Hiji Ate Descending Elbow Strike
Jodan Uke Upper Block
Gedan Barai Lower Parry
Chudan Uchi Uke Middle Area Inside Block
Chudan Soto Uke Middle Area Outside Block
Morote Chudan Uchi Uke Two-Handed Middle Area Inside Block
Chudan Uchi Uke Gedan Barai Middle Area Inside Block with Lower Parry
Shuto Uke Knife Hand Block
Juji Uke Crossed Block
Kake Uke Hooked Block
Shotei Uke Palm Heel Block
Mawashi Uke Circular Block
Hiza Ganmen Geri Knee Face Kick
Kin Geri Groin Kick
Mae Geri Front Kick
Mae Keage Front Rising Kick
Soto Mawashi Geri Outside Crescent Kick
Uchi Mawashi Geri Inside Crescent Kick
Yoko Keage Side Rising Kick
Mawashi Geri Roundhouse Kick
Kansetsu Geri Joint Kick
Yoko Geri Side Kick
Ushiro Geri Back Kick
Mae Kakato Geri Front Heel Kick
Ago Geri Chin / Jaw Kick
Tobi Mae Geri Jumping Front Kick
Ashi Barai Leg Sweep
Anza Relaxed Sitting
Arigato Gozaimasu Thank You (polite)
Budo Martial Way
Bunkai Application (analysis)
Dan Grade (Black Belt)
Dojo Training Hall (Way place)
Dojo Kun Training Hall Oath
Dogi (Gi) Karate Uniform (Way clothes)
Fumiashi Step (with a change of feet)
Goshin Jutsu Self-Defense Techniques
Hajime Begin
Hanshi Honorable Master
Hikite Pulling Hand
Ibuki Forced Tension Breathing
Idogeiko Moving Drills
Jisen Kumite Full-Contact Fighting
Jiyu Kumite Free Fighting
Kamaete Take Ready Position
Kami no Kamae Upper Body Posture
Karate Empty Hand
Kata Form
Ki Inner Energy
Kiai Explosive Scream
Kiai Irete With Explosive Energy
Kihon Basics
Kihon Waza Basic Techniques
Kime Focus
Kohai Junior Student
Kokusai International
Kosa Switch (i.e. switch stance L to R or R to L)
Kotai Switch (i.e. partners switch places in a drill)
Kumite Fight
Kyokushin Ultimate Truth
Kyu Rank (below Black Belt)
Maai Interval (between opponents)
Makiwara Striking Post (straw wrapped)
Mawatte Turn
Mokuso Meditation (silent thought)
Mugorei No Counting (no commands)
Mushin Without Thought (no mind)
Naore Return to Starting Position
Nogare Calm, Controlled Breathing
Obi Belt (sash)
Okuriashi Shuffle Step (sending foot)
Onegaishimasu Please (polite)
Osu Determination (push and endure)
Otagai Each Other
Rei (...ni Rei) Bow (Bow to...)
Renmei Federation
Renma Polishing, Training
Renraku Combinations
Seishin Spirit
Seiza Formal Kneeling (correct sitting)
Sempai Senior (1st & 2nd Dan)
Sensei Teacher (born before) (3rd & 4th Dan)
Shomen Front (correct face) of the Dojo
Shihan Expert (5th Dan & higher)
Sosai President
Tameshiwari Breaking Test
Tanden Center of Body (below navel)
Waza Technique(s)
Yame Stop
Yasume Rest, at Ease
Yoi Ready
Yudansha Black Belt Holder
Zanshin Remain Alert (remaining mind)
Aka Red
Awasete Ippon Adds Up to One Point
Chui Warning
Encho Overtime Round (extension)
Fukushin Corner Judge (assistant referee)
Fukushin Shugo Referees' Conference
Genten Penalty
Hantei Decision
Hikiwake Draw, Tie
Ippon One Point
Kachi (...no Kachi) Win (...the Winner)
Kiken Forfeit
Senshuken Taikai Championship Tournament
Shikaku Disqualification
Shiro White
Shushin Referee
Waza Ari Half Point (has a technique)
Zokko Resume Fighting
Ichi One
Ni Two
San Three
Shi, Yon Four
Go Five
Roku Six
Shichi, Nana Seven
Hachi Eight
Ku Nine
Ju Ten

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